Moving Out!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the static these past few days, life has been all kinds of cray cray for all three of us Wordsmiths. But, you know us, we always come back one way or another.


I am here with a tiny update for y’all.

In the midst of all the life drama and the writing, we have all decided to have our own little separate blogs outside of this one. But fear not! The Wordsmiths are not going away! This blog is still gonna be up. It will just be…on hiatus, I suppose? Until we all figure out exactly what we want from our blogs and posts, if that makes sense.

We are gonna have our own main/personal blogs and will keep this as our mutual side-blog.

In the meantime, do consider following us at the new blogs we are setting up!

There’s so many of you here already, and we do not want to miss you!

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Post-Summer Blues, Pre-Winter Crisis

Hello everyone!

I am officially back from my holiday trip. Sadly, it didn’t last long, but I had a great time nonetheless (despite some awkward encounters…). I was trusted with the camera for the trip and I went off taking random landscape and aesthetic pictures. I wonder if I should post them here. What do you think?

Did any of you guys go anywhere for the holidays? Did you have a good time? As I said, I had a good time, and I am sad it was over so soon, hence the title. Don’t be alarmed by the title of this post, it’s all meant in a good way. I shall explain.

So, while I was on holidays, I started thinking about my first college year, how it would go, what I should do to prepare. I know, not the best topic to start worrying about on your limited holidays. But then I remembered all the nice things I was overlooking about autumn when I had school. The cute sweater weather, the Starbucks seasonal drinks and offers, more aesthetic landscapes, Halloween (we don’t have Halloween here, but me and my friends still try to recreate it however we can).

It should be noted here that I was never a person who liked the cold. But I think this was hugely because of having to wake up extremely early for school, while the weather outside was as cold as it could get, no amount of clothing would make me stop freezing and I was in a constant Cold-And-Upset mood for months on end. That, and the loads of homework I never did that I had, had me really not looking forward to the autumn and winter months.

My winter crisis mainly had to do with me looking forward to change for once (please hope this doesn’t backfire on me, heh). I had plenty of time on my holidays to think about this topic, which led to a small existential crisis as well. All is good though, like I said. I get paranoid and panicky too much and too easily, do not mind.

The other good thing about this is that I am planning to go stationary shopping. I’ll be dragging poor H with me for this. Against her will. Of course. She would never go stationary shopping willingly. Heh, heh.

So far, things are looking up. I shall try to be a more open-minded person and try to see the good stuff in winter, now that my main cause of bitterness is over. What about you? Do you like cold weather or warm weather? I personally prefer something in-between, with not too much sun and not too much cold. A cloudy day, perhaps. What’s your favourite season? Also, why do you like that season more than the rest?


Thorn ~ Camp Ends….and the Writing Doesn’t

Thorn ~ Camp Ends….and the Writing Doesn’t

“Looks like I am the only one with sense after all.” Dakira sighed.
“You are getting off topic, ladies.” Vergil said and the three of them let it drop, with only a few glares between them.
“How do you manage that? I try to keep them in line and I get punched.” Julian complained.

Camp Ends….and the Writing Doesn’t.

Or one hopes. Its been a quiet week so far since Camp ended and I’ll admit I have done very little in the was of writing. I type a few words here and there but it was hard to get them flowing.
More so since I am trying to come up with a couple thrown in scenes from scratch.

This is what happens with first drafts I suppose. You can end up putting more in that what that plot calls for and it usually works out.
Usually. Tonight I starts some on one of these scenes and it was being difficult.

Its putting off the end of my second act as well. I was so close but my last scene took an unexpected turn.
Characters: *plot things among themselves*
Me: okay guys…this wasn’t the plan
Characters: *rip the plans to shreds and burn them*
Me: *tears*

Alright, maybe there was no literally ripping, burning , or tears. It still happened. Again not literally. My imagination ran just a teeny bit wild there.

Either way, they changed the course and now they don’t even help me figure out the course or where its going. What is going through? Who is part of it? Well that part isn’t so hard.
Still. They are uncooperative.
Or maybe I am enjoying a little rest and trying to sort out things I’ve ignored since Camp started.
Like organized and buying new coloring markers that I really didn’t NEED. They are double tipped. Sixty markers. I had to. I can use them for other things too.

What yet, I have no idea.
Camp went better in the first week than the rest of the month put together, I’ll say. A decent bit was due to my own procrastination.
Another bit was that my family LOVES to interrupt me as soon as my fingers hit keys.
Even writing this, I was in fact interrupted for a trip to a store.
Got a drink out of it though, can’t complain too much.

So now Camp is done, I am still on the same project, even if I made my word-count for Camp. I need to finish this draft and by November. It’s definitely possible. I know I can do the words, but it’s getting myself less busy to do them.
I just have to myself organized and get on a regular schedule, finally. Which I am working on, I swear. Also the writing. I’ll be working on this as well and figure out what my characters have gotten themselves into now.

What is your plans now that Nano is over? Did you finish up a project or do you still have more work? Are you plotting up new things? Or just waiting for November to get that 50K done? Thankfully we are still awhile off for that one.

Thorn~ Camp Nano 25-30

Thorn~ Camp Nano 25-30

“Confessing your love for me and still being all bossy in the process.” he shook his head.
“Don’t get over your head, I wasn’t confessing my love for you.” she told him and he laughed.
“You didn’t deny there was love though.” he pointed out and she tried not to smile.

As everyone may know, Camp Nano is coming to an end. I see it as a little bittersweet, honestly. On one hand, the bit of stress and pressure it brings I don’t miss. Also the guilt. The guilt of not making my daily word goals or my total word-count.

In all essence, I wrote MORE than enough words to hit my goal. Just not on my writing project assigned to Camp. Well over 30 k. Maybe even past 50k. About 4 to 5 a day maybe, right Harris?

I’m not going to bother myself to count it all up. It would just be a bit of an unnecessary distraction. But I realized today. I CAN do the words, I’m just having trouble applying these words to my first draft.
It may be understandable, or it may just be inexcusable.

No if we are counting words for my current project… I am just shy of 15 k. Which is half my decided goal. I wish I could have done much better but in some ways I am improving. Today I added to that and one this last day of Camp, I’m going to add as much as I can until the countdown ends.

This is 15 k more words than I had before I started, and I am heading into my third act. It’s just so much of a struggle to get this story out. Mostly because I feel like I could never do this any justice. It could be done better. Nothing I write really pleases me.
Actually I just HATE most of it. Then I love it. Then I’m in tears for a minutes, which isn’t all bad once I compose myself.
Then I’m pointed out all the nice, lovely little parts that are so… right. Which has to be two words for every hundred or so, but still. Those little bits get me to carry on, and try to barrel through this whole first draft and then I can rip it all apart as I please.

So even if Camp is over soon, I write on to the end and pray that I don’t start looking back and stalling myself all over again.
I’ll finish this one way or another and when its done, I can breathe easy. Sorta. More work is ahead of me in this. Like working on my language, word-building and plotting out my stories.
This one included of course, the plot holes in this thing are part of what is driving me so insane on going forward. Its been rocky, with me stumbling around and its not super fun.

Writing takes work though, work and practice. Buckets of coffee, fancy pens and notebooks, lovely friends and a cat companion. Or two. Or five. Lets ignore that.
All my point is, you have to keep working at something to get better at it, you can be god awful but with some work and time put into it, it might turn into something far worthwhile.You might not want to talk about it when its all said and done but if you did it, you did.
Even if you didn’t do more than a few thousand words in Camp, you didn’t exactly give up, did you?
So, early congrats to all those Camp Nano winners out there, and even to those that didn’t meet those word goals. Enjoy your last day of Camp and have a nice cup of coffee or something when its all said and done.

Thorn ~ Camp Nano 17 – 24

Thorn ~ Camp Nano 17 – 24

“Are you trying to flatter me?” she asked and he smiled.
“Is it working?” he asked and managed to snatch the tray from her.
“Annoying Thief.” she muttered.
“Stubborn Princess.” he retorted and she tried not to smile.

It’s time for another update, for better or worse. Maybe worse. Its been long and more unproductive than productive. My mood hasn’t been to great. A mix of miserable, miserable how weather and endless laundry.
My brothers wear more clothes in a day than I do in a week. Who needs to change clothes this much? Seriously?
I have the answer. My brothers, the both of them, the older and younger.
I’m sure you aren’t here to hear me complain about laundry and brothers though, you are wanting to hear about Camp and writing and how it is going.

Can you hear me screaming? Are you sure? I thought Harris did, all the way from Greece while I am all on my lonesome in the US. I’m laughably behind on NaNo but the last few days have been better. I don’t have a word-count for you because I am scared to see my lack of progress.
Tonight I have don’t some and I am regretting that I stopped. I give myself so much trouble starting after all.
No-one argues with me other than myself. I have all the good arguments on both sides and lately I am figuring out that my procrastinater is the boss.
Far too much. She needs to stop and let me get writing, I tell her.

Now I’m not out of hope yet, with six days left. I can get somewhere if I work on it more. It’s not likes I don’t have it in my head what to write after all. It’s just the actually writing that seems to be put off.
In a minute? I can’t tell myself that because I get distracted easily. I really do.I just don’t have a lot of focus, especially when other people are involved on interrupting my focus.
Late at night, when I should be sleeping, like now, is when I actually get the focus to write. No-one bothers me, not my family, not my cats. Not even the internet really.
After midnight is the best times because I am getting too tired to deal with other things and I get my urges to out my fingers to the keys.
That’s all I really need to do, even if it’s for a few minutes here and there, I just hate leaving things unfinished. If I can sit and finish writing out a scene I’m dissuaded from trying.

Which is funny cause this whole novel is unfinished and THAT bothers me. I just wish I could do this story more justice. It’s my first draft though. It’s allowed to be a frightening mess that I get to beat into shape later.

I want this dont before NaNo in November after all. It’s only July, so even if this drags into August, I have time.
For now.

How is Camp going for the rest of you? We are heading into out last week? Does that pump you up or just make you panic and get frantic like me? I am a little both honestly but if I want to make an attempt to be an early bird, I need to head to bed soon.
So sorry, Harris. I know I didn’t give you nearly enough to read tonight.
We are making more crawl dates tomorrow? Today? In the morning?
Try to enjoy the rest of Camp everyone. Have a good rest of the month and let me know how your July project is coming along.

~ Thorn

Tiny Life Update and Camp Nano

Hello everyone! Guess who’s back, back, back.

Das right, it is I.

I do realise I’ve been MIA for a long while now. I’m sorry for that, I really am. I have no excuses. Well, nothing I haven’t already said anyway. Yes, school is over for me. Now that this is out of the way, I’ve had some few weeks of calm, where week after week passed and I didn’t realise because I was doing my favourite thing: absolutely nothing.

Some people might feel restless or won’t be able to function if they don’t do anything all day. I on the other hand, am content with doing absolutely nothing. Sure, I enjoy activities and (occasionally) socializing, but not to the extent a lot of people around me seem to have. Sometimes I like being a hermit, what can you do.

So when I finally sat my ass down and thought, okay, let’s do this camp nano ish, nothing is in my way now….something got in my way.

A big something.



Get your head out of the gutter.

Fun fact (not): universities here are free. All ya gotta do is to have a certain score in your exams to pass where you want to, but otherwise that is it. Well, the case with me was that…I didn’t have that certain score. I also didn’t have a university I wanted to go to. So, I took the long way ’round, and signed up for a college.

Greece doesn’t have colleges, mind you, this is an American college here. That means there is going to be a heckton of paperwork. Also, the papers will have to be in English, which they’re not. So they have to be translated first.

This week and the next I’m gonna have to focus on signing up, not because it’s a very complicated progress, but it’s time-consuming and it involves a lot of running around the city to get things done.

And if that wasn’t enough…I’m still hell-bent on trying to teach myself Korean. Signing up to a college, self teaching a language…you’re probably thinking, Gee, what the hell is wrong with you? The world will never know.

Despite all that stuff, I did get to write. The others in our writing group are mocking me for the high word counts I used to hit back in November, but that is sadly not the case anymore, and I feel disappointed. Bit like I let them and myself down. But at least I’m still pushing through it and write. I haven’t given up yet. I still write daily, whether I’m alone in my story or with a friend.

I am not foolish, I know I am not gonna hit my word count for Camp, but I’m pushing through it and that’s all that matters to me right now. Oh! I also signed up to become an ML for November’s NaNo. I hope that works out as well.

 After Camp is over, I’ll be off for a week or so in August because of holidays. We’re going road-tripping with the fam! Never done this before, I’m excited to get to see new places and take lots of pictures. Perhaps I’ll have loads of stuff to blog about and show you.

And that’s about everything that has been going on in my life this past month. To be honest, I started the month thinking it wasn’t gonna be a kind one, and indeed I’ve had a tough first few days/weeks, but I think things are looking up once again. Since my life likes going from 0 to 100 in no time without letting me know, I daresay I’m doing fine.

I’m sorry for the rant above, I wanted to explain my sudden absence to you, and to Thorn and H. I’m not gone, y’all! I just don’t know how life works yet. I probably never will.

I’m trying, okay, bear with me here.

But enough about me. Has July been good to you? If not, are things looking up now? I hope they do. What about Camp? Are you currently out there, slaying your word count? No? Well why are you still here listening to my blubbering? Go write, go go go!

Come back here when you’re done and let me know how you did!


Thorn ~ Camp Nano 6 – 16

Thorn ~ Camp Nano  6 – 16
“Yes but, I still think he hits like a girl.” Dakira said and they laughed.
“Oh thanks, Dak.” Julian grinned at her.
She glared at him “That isn’t what I meant. You don’t get it.”
“Oh I get it, if I hit like a girl, I hit like you.” he explained.
“I only know one girl who can hit harder.” he added with a glance at Rayne. 
Current Word-count: 10839
Hello again everyone. How are you? How is Camp? Hopefully going good. It’s the middle of the month and we are halfway done with the month. Can we say the same about our word counts?
Me, not so much. I have to admit I’ve slacked off in that area far too much the last few days. I last wrote on the ninth and as you can see I am a little over ten thousand into my Camp goal. Thirty thousand is my goal this month, and I know it’s not impossible for me to reach it still.
It might feel like it sometimes, but really I know it isn’t.
Especially I… oh I don’t know, write? It had just been one of those busy, distracting months.
In between valid reason for not writing, there has been a bit of procrastination. I’m sure you have heard of the new Pokemon GO game. Seeing as it is a HUGE obsession right now.
Yes, I’m on it too but that honestly hasn’t taken up a lot of time. I’m in an isolated area when it comes to Poke Stops and all that.
Games are still to blame for my lack of writing, namely one on my computer and I really… really need to stop. Diablo 2 is a bit of an older game but more of a … classic favorite that I drift back into every once in a while.
It was a bad idea to install a game for my mother shortly before Camp NaNo and now I’m stuck on it a bit. I’ve even names my game characters after actual characters from my writings.
So it’s a big distraction on the hours I’m not busy, namely after a long day of shopping or chores and all that not so fun stuff.
If you are trying to convince yourself that you can just play an hour and get down to working, don’t believe it. I can’t trust myself anymore. I need to take my Neo and get settled in bed early. Earlier than usual. My late nights are partly to blame for this.
I am wholly to blame for it all, I know but I’m working on it and seeing as this is my official first draft of this book, I’m struggling to put it to paper… or well, keyboard.
Also I have a little fear of finishing it. Also of everything being so after I want to burn it and act like it all never happened.
Harris says it’s all great, she loves some parts, but these characters are favorites of hers as if they were her own. She is like my character godmother, so to say. Which is great and terrifying for them, if you know Harris any.
Just teasing! No need to go and kill anyone now.
In her books I mean, no panicking now.
One thing I really struggle with is the write and move on part. I am itching to delve into the story and rip it apart and make improvements. Things needed remodeling. I am aware that I can’t make everything perfect on the first go, but being aware of it doesn’t make it bother me less.
I feel like everything could be better, mostly because I have so many holes in my story plot that  I’m tripping over them. Though I’m working on pushing through the issue and make note of my problems with things as I go.
I’m only a couple good scenes away from the end of my second Act and things are really about to get interesting with all that goes on. Armies, battles, deaths, all these fun things. Things won’t be going that well for my characters, some at least. Some have a few nice things going for them.

I hope the month has been kind to you and your word-counts sky-high. Mine aren’t high up there but at least I am getting some done and will get more done in the future. My odds will improve once I get in bed with Neo, one of my most favorite gifts from Harris, and have no distractions. Just me, Neo and Pandora.
Try to have a good month for the rest of Camp. After this we can assess the damage we have done to our characters lives or go outdoors and chase down some Pokemon.