Quarter Goals: Why & How

September marks a new start for many people, a habit that’s leftover from our school years. I’m still in university and so that’s twice as true for me. This year though, I thought I’d do something different and set myself some goals for the next three months and see what I can actually achieve (and what I won’t).

Why set yourself some quarter goals though?

  1. Goals VS Resolutions:
    It is easier to follow through with short-term plans and goals, than it is with yearly resolutions.
  2. Create a Habit: 
    Setting Goals every quarter, and checking every month to see what you’ve achieved and what you need to pay more attention to during the month, is a way of creating a habit and setting your mind up for productivity.
  3. Planning ahead of time:
    Knowing what you want to achieve in the coming months, makes it easier to know what you want to do and plan accordingly.

How do you go about setting those goals though?

  1. Overachiever: 
    It’s good to know what you can aim for and to push yourself a little. To aim for a bit more than you know you can handle. Even if you don’t get 100% of your goals, it’s always better to try a little harder and aim a little higher.
  2. Don’t overestimate yourself:
    On the other hand though, you should keep in mind not to overload your months. Be reasonable in your goals. It’s alright to push yourself, but don’t put so many goals for yourself that it is impossible to even get half of them done.
  3. There is a time and place for everything:
    Don’t assign things on months you know you have other things going on. Don’t put a difficult goal on a month where you have exams or a difficult task at work. Don’t arrange for the bulk of your novel’s edits to happen in November, when you know you want to take part in Nanowrimo. I’m looking at you future self.

What goals are you going to set up for yourself? What are you doing to stay more productive? 🙂

~ Harris