About The Wordsmiths

About B. G. Giovana:


My name is Giovana, but I also go by Gee.

I live on coffee, books, writing, sketching, bands and anime, not necessarily in that order.

My goals in life are to move to England, become an author, and actually feel like I own enough books. I got into writing when I was around 12, where my inner bookworm also surfaced. I think I’ve improved, somewhat, since then.

Blogging and booktubing are the next big steps to tackle.


About M. S. Harris:


I’m M. S. Harris, an aspiring author and generally artsy person from Greece.

I like to write, to watercolor, to sketch, to read, to coffee.

I’ve been making up stories since I can remember myself. Whether I was telling them to myself ( yes, I was a weird kid ), to my sister or sneaking out of the house to buy a fancy pen and notebook to write my story, I’ve always been making up stories.

This is what I do.

My thing.

About E. C. Thorn :


Hello, I am E.C.Thorn.

I’m an aspiring author and an avid reader.

One thing I’ve always done is read and come up with stories in my head. The writing came later, when I tried to put them down to paper, inspired by my best friend.

And now I’m making my first shy steps in this crazy writing world.