M. S. Harris : Winter is coming.

“It’s been a long day without you my friend…!”

*sings out of tune*

Hello my fellow wordsmiths! How has life been in your corner of the world?

I’m well, as much as possible and I have survived a week where my body and my brain have tried to kill me multiple times, or at least put me in some serious pain. But I survived. As I am surviving a very slow and torturous moving out process. Most of my things are on the other house and it breaks my heart. My books are in boxes, most of my office supplies are in boxes. What’s a girl to do?!

Be patient. That’s what a girl to do. I have upcoming exams anyway and upcoming Suicide Squad and I’ve started to edit one of the smaller short stories.
*checks chart*
Wikipedia says it’s a novelette, not a short story. They are all short stories to me.

This story has one of the cutest characters I’ve ever encountered in my own writing. Just adorable. A puppy. You want to wrap him up in a blanket, feed him pie and tuck him in bed.

You haven’t read about him yet, which is understandable since I haven’t uploaded anything about him or the story, but he’s adorable. My betas say so and I have to believe them. Then again they love me too much and I don’t know how seriously I’m supposed to take them.

*stares at Betas*

On a more serious note, please welcome the newest member of the owl family.


Grumpy owl.

I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Look at that face. Grumpy cat has nothing on him. I believe I will give him though a coat of white paint, so he matches his siblings.

The owl family is growing. *tears up* Now I have in total six owls. And damn some of the stores I looked at for owls had some beautiful bronze boxes with owls and books and I wanted them but my wallet just started crying and shrivelled up.

We are still not speaking.

But yes. Exams. Editing. Moving. Some sketching.

What have you guys been up to? Do any of you have any published stories on wattpad? I’m starting university again soon and I’ll need things to read when I’m in the public transportation. Buses, subway. I have a long way to go to get to uni.

~ Harris



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