“Looks like I am the only one with sense after all.” Dakira sighed.
“You are getting off topic, ladies.” Vergil said and the three of them let it drop, with only a few glares between them.
“How do you manage that? I try to keep them in line and I get punched.” Julian complained.

Camp Ends….and the Writing Doesn’t.

Or one hopes. Its been a quiet week so far since Camp ended and I’ll admit I have done very little in the was of writing. I type a few words here and there but it was hard to get them flowing.
More so since I am trying to come up with a couple thrown in scenes from scratch.

This is what happens with first drafts I suppose. You can end up putting more in that what that plot calls for and it usually works out.
Usually. Tonight I starts some on one of these scenes and it was being difficult.

Its putting off the end of my second act as well. I was so close but my last scene took an unexpected turn.
Characters: *plot things among themselves*
Me: okay guys…this wasn’t the plan
Characters: *rip the plans to shreds and burn them*
Me: *tears*

Alright, maybe there was no literally ripping, burning , or tears. It still happened. Again not literally. My imagination ran just a teeny bit wild there.

Either way, they changed the course and now they don’t even help me figure out the course or where its going. What is going through? Who is part of it? Well that part isn’t so hard.
Still. They are uncooperative.
Or maybe I am enjoying a little rest and trying to sort out things I’ve ignored since Camp started.
Like organized and buying new coloring markers that I really didn’t NEED. They are double tipped. Sixty markers. I had to. I can use them for other things too.

What yet, I have no idea.
Camp went better in the first week than the rest of the month put together, I’ll say. A decent bit was due to my own procrastination.
Another bit was that my family LOVES to interrupt me as soon as my fingers hit keys.
Even writing this, I was in fact interrupted for a trip to a store.
Got a drink out of it though, can’t complain too much.

So now Camp is done, I am still on the same project, even if I made my word-count for Camp. I need to finish this draft and by November. It’s definitely possible. I know I can do the words, but it’s getting myself less busy to do them.
I just have to myself organized and get on a regular schedule, finally. Which I am working on, I swear. Also the writing. I’ll be working on this as well and figure out what my characters have gotten themselves into now.

What is your plans now that Nano is over? Did you finish up a project or do you still have more work? Are you plotting up new things? Or just waiting for November to get that 50K done? Thankfully we are still awhile off for that one.


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