M. S. Harris: The end of Camp July 2016

It’s been done. Over with. We sat down, we wrote, we sweated cause it’s summer, we cursed cause the coffee got from cold to hot too fast and then we wrote some more. That was the plan anyway.

Life tends to get in the way, whether we like it or not, family members tend to ignore the fact that we are writing and we want to keep writing and they bother us as much as possible. Actually, they seem to be bothering us more the moment we sit down to write.

All that aside though, I did it. I finished the second draft. Thorn teared up a little at the end and I’m going to count that as a success. It’s done though. All of it. The plot as tight as I can make it for the first round of edits but I already know there need to be more edits. And such is the life of the writer.


I have to admit, it wasn’t easy. I skipped more days than I wanted or should have during July. For some, I was actually sick, for others I was just lazy. So I stayed up until 4-5 in the morning for the last two days, until that cursed third act was through. and it was. Damn it, but it’s done.

And do you know what I need to do now? I need to finish Ava, a short story of mine. Poor Ava has been waiting since November due to my laziness and it’s not her fault. I’m sorry, Ava. I’ll get to you, I promise. I’ll finish your third act.

Huh. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Finishing a story is hard, all right? Don’t judge me!

And while I’m doing that, September is getting closer and September is exam-season. Isn’t that a joy? That doesn’t mean I will procrastinate too much. Maybe. I need to separate my just finished second draft into actually chapters. Now it’s just scenes. And then finish Ava. And then Edit the novel again. And Edit last Nanowrimo’s short stories.

This is a lot of work. No one wants to do a lot of work.

But I kind of enjoy it.

Now if I could convince people to let me do this all day, I’d be happy.

How was Camp Nano for you? Did you reach your goal? Did you write? Even one word, is more words than what you started with. For me, Nano is a marathon, not a race. You run for as long as you can and if you stop, it’s all right. As long as, at the end of the day, you keep writing.

~ Harris


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