“Confessing your love for me and still being all bossy in the process.” he shook his head.
“Don’t get over your head, I wasn’t confessing my love for you.” she told him and he laughed.
“You didn’t deny there was love though.” he pointed out and she tried not to smile.

As everyone may know, Camp Nano is coming to an end. I see it as a little bittersweet, honestly. On one hand, the bit of stress and pressure it brings I don’t miss. Also the guilt. The guilt of not making my daily word goals or my total word-count.

In all essence, I wrote MORE than enough words to hit my goal. Just not on my writing project assigned to Camp. Well over 30 k. Maybe even past 50k. About 4 to 5 a day maybe, right Harris?

I’m not going to bother myself to count it all up. It would just be a bit of an unnecessary distraction. But I realized today. I CAN do the words, I’m just having trouble applying these words to my first draft.
It may be understandable, or it may just be inexcusable.

No if we are counting words for my current project… I am just shy of 15 k. Which is half my decided goal. I wish I could have done much better but in some ways I am improving. Today I added to that and one this last day of Camp, I’m going to add as much as I can until the countdown ends.

This is 15 k more words than I had before I started, and I am heading into my third act. It’s just so much of a struggle to get this story out. Mostly because I feel like I could never do this any justice. It could be done better. Nothing I write really pleases me.
Actually I just HATE most of it. Then I love it. Then I’m in tears for a minutes, which isn’t all bad once I compose myself.
Then I’m pointed out all the nice, lovely little parts that are so… right. Which has to be two words for every hundred or so, but still. Those little bits get me to carry on, and try to barrel through this whole first draft and then I can rip it all apart as I please.

So even if Camp is over soon, I write on to the end and pray that I don’t start looking back and stalling myself all over again.
I’ll finish this one way or another and when its done, I can breathe easy. Sorta. More work is ahead of me in this. Like working on my language, word-building and plotting out my stories.
This one included of course, the plot holes in this thing are part of what is driving me so insane on going forward. Its been rocky, with me stumbling around and its not super fun.

Writing takes work though, work and practice. Buckets of coffee, fancy pens and notebooks, lovely friends and a cat companion. Or two. Or five. Lets ignore that.
All my point is, you have to keep working at something to get better at it, you can be god awful but with some work and time put into it, it might turn into something far worthwhile.You might not want to talk about it when its all said and done but if you did it, you did.
Even if you didn’t do more than a few thousand words in Camp, you didn’t exactly give up, did you?
So, early congrats to all those Camp Nano winners out there, and even to those that didn’t meet those word goals. Enjoy your last day of Camp and have a nice cup of coffee or something when its all said and done.


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