“Are you trying to flatter me?” she asked and he smiled.
“Is it working?” he asked and managed to snatch the tray from her.
“Annoying Thief.” she muttered.
“Stubborn Princess.” he retorted and she tried not to smile.

It’s time for another update, for better or worse. Maybe worse. Its been long and more unproductive than productive. My mood hasn’t been to great. A mix of miserable, miserable how weather and endless laundry.
My brothers wear more clothes in a day than I do in a week. Who needs to change clothes this much? Seriously?
I have the answer. My brothers, the both of them, the older and younger.
I’m sure you aren’t here to hear me complain about laundry and brothers though, you are wanting to hear about Camp and writing and how it is going.

Can you hear me screaming? Are you sure? I thought Harris did, all the way from Greece while I am all on my lonesome in the US. I’m laughably behind on NaNo but the last few days have been better. I don’t have a word-count for you because I am scared to see my lack of progress.
Tonight I have don’t some and I am regretting that I stopped. I give myself so much trouble starting after all.
No-one argues with me other than myself. I have all the good arguments on both sides and lately I am figuring out that my procrastinater is the boss.
Far too much. She needs to stop and let me get writing, I tell her.

Now I’m not out of hope yet, with six days left. I can get somewhere if I work on it more. It’s not likes I don’t have it in my head what to write after all. It’s just the actually writing that seems to be put off.
In a minute? I can’t tell myself that because I get distracted easily. I really do.I just don’t have a lot of focus, especially when other people are involved on interrupting my focus.
Late at night, when I should be sleeping, like now, is when I actually get the focus to write. No-one bothers me, not my family, not my cats. Not even the internet really.
After midnight is the best times because I am getting too tired to deal with other things and I get my urges to out my fingers to the keys.
That’s all I really need to do, even if it’s for a few minutes here and there, I just hate leaving things unfinished. If I can sit and finish writing out a scene I’m dissuaded from trying.

Which is funny cause this whole novel is unfinished and THAT bothers me. I just wish I could do this story more justice. It’s my first draft though. It’s allowed to be a frightening mess that I get to beat into shape later.

I want this dont before NaNo in November after all. It’s only July, so even if this drags into August, I have time.
For now.

How is Camp going for the rest of you? We are heading into out last week? Does that pump you up or just make you panic and get frantic like me? I am a little both honestly but if I want to make an attempt to be an early bird, I need to head to bed soon.
So sorry, Harris. I know I didn’t give you nearly enough to read tonight.
We are making more crawl dates tomorrow? Today? In the morning?
Try to enjoy the rest of Camp everyone. Have a good rest of the month and let me know how your July project is coming along.

~ Thorn


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