Tiny Life Update and Camp Nano

Hello everyone! Guess who’s back, back, back.

Das right, it is I.

I do realise I’ve been MIA for a long while now. I’m sorry for that, I really am. I have no excuses. Well, nothing I haven’t already said anyway. Yes, school is over for me. Now that this is out of the way, I’ve had some few weeks of calm, where week after week passed and I didn’t realise because I was doing my favourite thing: absolutely nothing.

Some people might feel restless or won’t be able to function if they don’t do anything all day. I on the other hand, am content with doing absolutely nothing. Sure, I enjoy activities and (occasionally) socializing, but not to the extent a lot of people around me seem to have. Sometimes I like being a hermit, what can you do.

So when I finally sat my ass down and thought, okay, let’s do this camp nano ish, nothing is in my way now….something got in my way.

A big something.



Get your head out of the gutter.

Fun fact (not): universities here are free. All ya gotta do is to have a certain score in your exams to pass where you want to, but otherwise that is it. Well, the case with me was that…I didn’t have that certain score. I also didn’t have a university I wanted to go to. So, I took the long way ’round, and signed up for a college.

Greece doesn’t have colleges, mind you, this is an American college here. That means there is going to be a heckton of paperwork. Also, the papers will have to be in English, which they’re not. So they have to be translated first.

This week and the next I’m gonna have to focus on signing up, not because it’s a very complicated progress, but it’s time-consuming and it involves a lot of running around the city to get things done.

And if that wasn’t enough…I’m still hell-bent on trying to teach myself Korean. Signing up to a college, self teaching a language…you’re probably thinking, Gee, what the hell is wrong with you? The world will never know.

Despite all that stuff, I did get to write. The others in our writing group are mocking me for the high word counts I used to hit back in November, but that is sadly not the case anymore, and I feel disappointed. Bit like I let them and myself down. But at least I’m still pushing through it and write. I haven’t given up yet. I still write daily, whether I’m alone in my story or with a friend.

I am not foolish, I know I am not gonna hit my word count for Camp, but I’m pushing through it and that’s all that matters to me right now. Oh! I also signed up to become an ML for November’s NaNo. I hope that works out as well.

 After Camp is over, I’ll be off for a week or so in August because of holidays. We’re going road-tripping with the fam! Never done this before, I’m excited to get to see new places and take lots of pictures. Perhaps I’ll have loads of stuff to blog about and show you.

And that’s about everything that has been going on in my life this past month. To be honest, I started the month thinking it wasn’t gonna be a kind one, and indeed I’ve had a tough first few days/weeks, but I think things are looking up once again. Since my life likes going from 0 to 100 in no time without letting me know, I daresay I’m doing fine.

I’m sorry for the rant above, I wanted to explain my sudden absence to you, and to Thorn and H. I’m not gone, y’all! I just don’t know how life works yet. I probably never will.

I’m trying, okay, bear with me here.

But enough about me. Has July been good to you? If not, are things looking up now? I hope they do. What about Camp? Are you currently out there, slaying your word count? No? Well why are you still here listening to my blubbering? Go write, go go go!

Come back here when you’re done and let me know how you did!



12 thoughts on “Tiny Life Update and Camp Nano

      1. Ah, I should get back on Netflix as well. I have a few shows left hanging and I keep forgetting to catch up. As for the cabin, I’m happy to say the others are doing much better. Even if I’m slacking more than the rest, the general progress of the team makes me happy.

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      2. What shows on Netflix did you start watching? My cabin is full but onky 25% are actually writing which bums me out. I was hoping for a more active cabin. How long have you been doing Camp NaNoWriMo/NaNoWriMo?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I had originally gotten Netflix to watch Shadowhunters, but then I found out about Sense8 and thought that I had to check it out! Once I finish that I plan on watching Outlander or How To Get Away With Murder.

        Also, I first found out about NaNoWriMo in 2012, and I had no idea Camp NaNo or the Young Writer’s Program existed, which would have been better for my age. So I have been signing up for NaNoWriMo every year since then, but never succeeded until recently.

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      4. I started with NaNoWriMo in 2007. I was writing about my character Carrie when my file became corrupted. No problem I thought I have a back up copy. Turns out my back up copy was also corrupted. I completely lost my novel. I was discouraged, but I came back in 2008 and won with my novel Two Step. I have been doing NaNoWriMo and then of course Camp NaNoWriMo ever since.

        I have never heard of Shadowhunters or Sense8. What are they about?

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      5. Ouch! I would honestly cry if that happened to me. During November’s NaNo I thought I had lost around 10k of my work, but thankfully Undo exists in the platform and my story was saved.

        Shadowhunters is a book-to-tv show adaptation of the Mortal Instruments series, which is my favourite book series. Sense8 is a Netflix original show, and it’s sci-fi I think. I’m…not quite sure about the plot yet, I haven’t seen many episodes and it can get pretty confusing. I suggest you look up the description in the site!

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