M. S. Harris : Third Week of Camp Nano

Hello wonderful people!

How have you all been? How’s Camp treating you? How are your stories/projects? I hope you are all doing great.

I, for one, am not.

The reason why? Because I missed a whole week of writing being sick with a fever. Sick in summer is the least fun experience I’ve had this far and now a whole week has gone by and I’ve barely grazed the beginning of my third act and I have but ten days to finish it!

*pumps myself up*

I can do. You can do it. We can all do it. This is the final stretch and we have to make it worth it.

But before that, I need to work on my plot. The story has grown and changed so much, it amazes me. Characters I thought I would have to cut because they played no role have found their own way in the story and they’ve established themselves. My twists have worked so far and I can’t wait for some of the more exciting scenes I know wait for me in the third act. Then I’ll have Thorn read it because she is my unfortunate Alpha Reader and she reads everything first.

I save Gee for later, as a Beta.


To be honest, I’m liking where the story is going so far and not only that, I’m liking pretty much all of the plot. I want to believe I haven’t left many big gaps in it, that I’ve worked out most of the issues so on the my third draft, I can separate my scenes into chapters (finally some might say) and then start smoothing and fleshing everything out. My baby will be closer to being completely and my heart is beating hard just thinking about it.

I realise though that there is still a lot of hard work to come, a lot of hours typing away on a computer, editing, fixing up the story. But still everything will somehow be worth it when it’s done and the whole year and a half I’ve spend on it will pay out.

I don’t know. I’m excited. A bit high from leftover fever still I suppose, but excited.

I was also considering my three short stories. They are up next once I’m done with this second draft. They are up and at least working through them is going to be faster than it’s on a 90k words novel.

Though my research says I shouldn’t be calling them short stories. They are Novelettes and isn’t that just a wonderfully fancy word for what is basically a bigger short story?

I was thinking of publishing said short stories, but I am considering it. Would anyone be interested in reading them in the future?

Gee, Thorn, you don’t count. You are going to be forced to read them. *innocent smile*

~ Harris



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