“Yes but, I still think he hits like a girl.” Dakira said and they laughed.
“Oh thanks, Dak.” Julian grinned at her.
She glared at him “That isn’t what I meant. You don’t get it.”
“Oh I get it, if I hit like a girl, I hit like you.” he explained.
“I only know one girl who can hit harder.” he added with a glance at Rayne. 
Current Word-count: 10839
Hello again everyone. How are you? How is Camp? Hopefully going good. It’s the middle of the month and we are halfway done with the month. Can we say the same about our word counts?
Me, not so much. I have to admit I’ve slacked off in that area far too much the last few days. I last wrote on the ninth and as you can see I am a little over ten thousand into my Camp goal. Thirty thousand is my goal this month, and I know it’s not impossible for me to reach it still.
It might feel like it sometimes, but really I know it isn’t.
Especially I… oh I don’t know, write? It had just been one of those busy, distracting months.
In between valid reason for not writing, there has been a bit of procrastination. I’m sure you have heard of the new Pokemon GO game. Seeing as it is a HUGE obsession right now.
Yes, I’m on it too but that honestly hasn’t taken up a lot of time. I’m in an isolated area when it comes to Poke Stops and all that.
Games are still to blame for my lack of writing, namely one on my computer and I really… really need to stop. Diablo 2 is a bit of an older game but more of a … classic favorite that I drift back into every once in a while.
It was a bad idea to install a game for my mother shortly before Camp NaNo and now I’m stuck on it a bit. I’ve even names my game characters after actual characters from my writings.
So it’s a big distraction on the hours I’m not busy, namely after a long day of shopping or chores and all that not so fun stuff.
If you are trying to convince yourself that you can just play an hour and get down to working, don’t believe it. I can’t trust myself anymore. I need to take my Neo and get settled in bed early. Earlier than usual. My late nights are partly to blame for this.
I am wholly to blame for it all, I know but I’m working on it and seeing as this is my official first draft of this book, I’m struggling to put it to paper… or well, keyboard.
Also I have a little fear of finishing it. Also of everything being so after I want to burn it and act like it all never happened.
Harris says it’s all great, she loves some parts, but these characters are favorites of hers as if they were her own. She is like my character godmother, so to say. Which is great and terrifying for them, if you know Harris any.
Just teasing! No need to go and kill anyone now.
In her books I mean, no panicking now.
One thing I really struggle with is the write and move on part. I am itching to delve into the story and rip it apart and make improvements. Things needed remodeling. I am aware that I can’t make everything perfect on the first go, but being aware of it doesn’t make it bother me less.
I feel like everything could be better, mostly because I have so many holes in my story plot that  I’m tripping over them. Though I’m working on pushing through the issue and make note of my problems with things as I go.
I’m only a couple good scenes away from the end of my second Act and things are really about to get interesting with all that goes on. Armies, battles, deaths, all these fun things. Things won’t be going that well for my characters, some at least. Some have a few nice things going for them.

I hope the month has been kind to you and your word-counts sky-high. Mine aren’t high up there but at least I am getting some done and will get more done in the future. My odds will improve once I get in bed with Neo, one of my most favorite gifts from Harris, and have no distractions. Just me, Neo and Pandora.
Try to have a good month for the rest of Camp. After this we can assess the damage we have done to our characters lives or go outdoors and chase down some Pokemon.


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