M. S. Harris : Second week of Camp July


*clears throat*

The second Act is finally over! It’s done! Wrapped up! Finished!

And it feels so good!

Now I just have to finish the third one *cries* .

It will be all right. It has to. I have two weeks to finish. Right now I’m a bit over 22k which means I’m well on my way to the 30k goal I put for Camp Nanowrimo. And I’m well on my way to finishing this draft by the end of July.

Keep your fingers crossed for it.

Though, to be honest it hasn’t been smooth-sailing because I had to take a day off just to fix the outline and fix the pacing of some scenes by switching them about and add the drama.

At least, if Thorn reads and she is still surprised by my twists, then I suppose that’s good. She has read so much of my work, I have to admit it seems weird that she can’t see right through it. At least she is loving the story. I think so. Maybe.

THORN DO YOU LIKE THE STORY? DO YOU? *grabs Thorn and shakes her*

*clears throat*


Thorn picked that line. The two people behind them, she finds adorable and cute and I do to. *pushes them together* *makes them kiss*

Sorry. It is late and I have discovered double doubleshot at Starbucks. I’m high on caffeine most of the time. Which is good for me and the word counts. My nerves do not appreciate it though.

What’s going on with the story? The ending is going to be the same. Somewhat. The ending is going to be the same generally, but the events that lead up to it have to change just because the middle changed and some things are different, some people were moved around, one person who was dead isn’t. All the fun stuff.

I don’t know how good the story is so far. Hopefully is good. Hopefully all the time I’ve put on it is showing. Hopefully the plot is going to be as close to perfect as I can make it, because that’s the only thing I can aim for.

How have you all been doing? How’s Nanowrimo for you? I’m thinking of getting one of the T-shirts. Any suggestions? I want me some Nanowrimo merchandise! I need it!

 ~ Harris


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