​Hello lovely people! 

This is a change of format for me, I hope you all don’t mind. Sometimes filming vlogs is more difficult than  it seems, especially when your whole week hasn’t been kind. 

But we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about writing and books and stories and characters that make us swoon and “Ahh”.

I don’t live on my own still and there is the root of all my problems. My writing time is cut whenever someone wants something, whenever there is a chore to be done, or they simply want to tell me something. It’s not fun. It’s not nice. And usually nobody respects the precious writing time. 

My little brother came home for the summer, is rooming in with me, has taken up half my desk and has a strong distaste for headphones. That’s all I am saying. 

And still somehow within this mayhem and noise and heat (let’s not forget the heat), I have managed to write. I am currently a bit over 17k words, with today being my worst writing say so far. But I’ve written and I’ve written every day and that’s what matters. 

I’ve written every day and I am a few scenes away from finishing the second act of my second draft. 

I understand I have been very secretive of my story and that’s because I am paranoid of spoilers and my sanity jumps out of the window at the simple idea that my story will be stolen. Not because it’s the best idea, or the best story. 

But because it’s mine. 

So here is a quote.

“For now? We are going to survive tomorrow.” Azreth said.

 I don’t want to give the twists and the turns away. So far they seem to surprise my Alpha reader (*cough* Thorn *cough*) and she knows my mind and my writing better than anyone else I know. 

So that has to be good. Sorry I torture you Thorn. 

But this really brings me to the reason behind the success. 


I mean, my squad. Thorn, Gee and a poor friend of ours we’ve pulled into this madness. We have been writing, talking about writing and stories and when our couples should make kissy faces. 

To answer that for you: they need to have earned it and it needs to be at, before or after a dark and twisted moment, one of their many lows. Love and good times have to be won. 

But yes. We’ve been writing and between writing, we’ve been taking ridiculous online quizzes and tests. I even bothered to do the sorting hat test. I’m a Slytherin and nobody is surprised. 

Why is nobody surprised?

Also, according to another test, I’m Nagini in the streets and Nagini in the sheets. Don’t know about you, but I don’t think you can get any more Slytherin than that. 

So what are you all writing? Better yet, leave your sassies line in the comments below and what’s your Hogwarts’ House? 

~ Harris 


14 thoughts on “M. S. Harris : first 6 days of camp nanowrimo 

      1. I was thinking of going to the movies. But I don’t know what will be showing at the local theater on my birthday. Right now all they have is Finding Dory and Independence Day 2. Which I seen both of them already.

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      2. Oh why don’t you go see the Legend of Tarzan? They say it’s good. I haven’t seen Dory yet and I’ll have to wait. Here in Greece all cartoons are dubbed and I won’t have Ellen playing Dory 😦

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      3. Office supplies. Cute and pretty. A store here brought washi tape and I bought some for my planner. Never had washi tape before. *swoons*
        We can also go and say that “writing is its own reward”.

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