“You need to stop acting like you don’t like me.” Julian told him.
“And you need to stop acting like I won’t knock your head off your shoulders if you keep being too annoying. Get going.” Vergil answered, but he wasn’t fooled, he caught the smile as he turned away.

Word-Count Total: 6824

Camp NaNo is getting into full swing this month. Even for me, shocking, I know. 😛
Though honestly my friends are crushing my word-count a bit. As you all can see, I am just shy of 7000 and I am exceeding my goal of 1000 words a day, for the most part.
This month I’ve set my total word-count goal for this month at 25k , just to give myself some breathing room if I make it past that, I’ll simply add to it.

Though the point of NaNo, either Camp or regular is to make a habit of writing and that’s what I have been doing, I have yet to miss a day, cause yeah there is every chance of that.
So far, so good and maybe I can get into writing more and more EVERY day.
Do you think my odds are good so far? It’s only the fifth day, still in the first week.
As long as I stick to getting some words down each day, I’ll be good.

My main issue is…I want to go and rip my outline apart and piece it all back together. The urge to outline and fix plot holes and issues, is strong. Each new scene I am writing I see all the issues but… I am accepting it and pushing through this first draft.
I am using a new notebook and started a list on things I need to include, remove or change and so far I have a page.
That was just some quick notes from the latest scenes. Maybe before bed I can read through my scenes down and add to it. Or I can write. The latter is probably what I should be doing. If I can finish this scene, it will be great. It was going smoothly earlier today, before  distractions.

Camp NaNo aside, I have little else to discuss. It’s been a quiet start to the month, hence why my writing is flourishing a tiny bit.
You could argue that it would be even better if I wake up before noon. Also maybe If I hit the bed before three in the morning.

I used to be such a night owl, ask Harris. Given our eight-hour time difference, she is often waking when I get in bed. I used to be up on my phone for hours talking to her. That still happens… sometimes.
All nighters don’t agree with me so much anymore. I can’t start off with good intentions but…nope. Doesn’t work.

It sounds tempting sometimes, because I end up missing so much writing time with Harris and the rest because I am too lazy to get out of the bed. Sometimes it takes as far as my cat nipping at me to get me up. Which he really does, he thinks they are love nips.
Though it works out for him, aside from the fact that I wake up yelling at him and he just does it again. Until I am out of bed and can give him his allotted love and attention.
He is a cat, what do you expect?
He even helps me out… sometimes. Yes he is here, watching me. So I have to put in a good word for my baby. He IS cute.

So I believe this is it for my update, its been a quiet week. Oh! Except for the 4th of July. Yes I forgot. Though me and my family aren’t that big on holidays, we did have a nice dinner and at night I shot off some fireworks with my mother.

Later in the night this resulted in my slipping up and hitting myself right in the cheek with one. No worries! No flames were involved and I only have a bit of a red mark on my face from it. Lesson learned, but ouch.

So hopefully the rest of you, the ones that do celebrate 4th of July, enjoyed the weekend and are enjoying the start of NaNo. Or maybe you are sitting at your computer and banging your head on the table like you could knock the words out. I don’t envy you but you have my sympathy. Those days are as common for me as anyone else.

Good luck to all of you this month and if things go well I’ll have more updates on my Nano progress, hopefully with numbers hitting higher from now one.

~ E.C.Thorn


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