Hello everyone!

Camp is here again and like most people, I am pretty excited this time around. More so since me and three other friends are participating. Excitement kind spreads among friends after all.

While I know two of them got some high numbers today, I was less fruitful, with just around 1,000 in my starting word count.
Perhaps if I didn’t have to go do some shopping today I might have fared better, but I did write and that’s better than nothing. Much better seeing as I am looking forward to writing more.
Now I still have some planning to sort out, and since I finally set up one of my lovely journals in a way that pleases me… it should be easier to handle.
I need to go through my plot and play with my scenes some. I may need to add, expand or alter some things. Isn’t this always the case? Since I am working my way through the story I know more and more how I want things to be. So its easier to put it down to keep track of.
I do hope to finish up this draft in Camp this month. I made my word goal 30,000 and a 1,000 a day should cover it.
Now of course, going OVER that, I won’t mind. I won’t mind at all. If I get into a decent routine I might bump up my word-count as I go. Going over 30k? That would be awesome, or terrifying if you consider I will have to edit and possibly rewrite so much of that.
I honestly don’t now how long this novel will end up. I hope it to be part of a series of books, in my world.
Just don’t ask me how many right now. The ideas in my head are all endless and need to be worked out. Which I should work on a little during Nano…. maybe. Maybe after would be better. Safer.
Depending on how well this years NaNo in November goes, we will see. I just hope to manage myself better in the time being and get some well needed writing done. Also plotting and world-building if I get inspired.
It’s just so so difficult for me to put ideas down in a way that appease me. Sure it makes sense in my head but I put it down somewhere, either Evernote or one of my notebooks and then when I read it later I just….get confused with myself.
Did I even write in English? Sometimes I don’t remember much of what it was meant to be and have to set it aside again.
Then of course, when I’m NOT trying, it gets crystal clear. Like when I am busy and can’t do anything about it.
I’ll admit it, my mind is a mess. Few people have been exposed to it and can understand or even like it. Can’t blame them, its weird in here. I talk to myself, I talk to my cats, I talk to my FISH. I can’t help that, they kinda grow on you.
Also there is the talking to fictional characters. Which is more understood from my fellow Wordsmiths and campers, right? We talk to them, we baby them. Sometimes we ruin their lives.
Sometimes we take away everything they hold dear and sometimes…we even enjoy that. Then we try to make it up to them. Just a little. Just a teeny little bit.
Each of them is like a little part of us though, right? You can find little doses of yourself in them if you put enough time in there and sometimes so much of you is in them, you can’t part with them.
You can mess with their heads a good bit, but can you ever really just throw out a character that is so near and dear to your heart?
Now I am drifting off into possible nonsense. I always seem to do this when I work on this late and its either brilliant or horrific.
No complaints yet, right?
So anyways, I am exhausted. In addition to shopping and being outdoors in the above 90’s heat, I ended up rearranging my bedroom again.
For more… convenience reasons. I may still be moving things in the future this month. My desk might be in need of relocation. As well as my books….so many books. Not right now though. Ive already had to deal with my shopping, moving furniture, and fish tank cleaning.
Yes I have fish, four hungry goldfish and one gorgeous male Betta. Sometime I’ll get a picture of them up for you guys. Instagram maybe? If you like fish, maybe?
Or maybe my five cats. Huh. Five cats and five fish. I just noticed that.
It’s been a busy day though and its hardly over. I have tormented myself by washing my only set of sheets and blanket I have available and I have to stay up to let them dry. Perfect time for some writing you say?
You might not be wrong.
Happy first day of camp everyone! I hope you all did as well or better than you hoped and if you didn’t, relax. We have a month, don’t stress, have fun and most importantly, WRITE.
Whether you put in on hundred words or a thousand, you did it.

2 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo July!!

  1. I have written 1093 words so far. I started a new fulltime job as a Peer Specialist which is challenging and I am trying to get used to the hours. But I have an awesome team of people I work with that are becoming my dear friends.

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    1. A new job has to be hard to handle at the same time as Camp but new friends sounds fun. My first day I barely made my 1000 word goal, but I’ve improved definitely.
      Hope your job keeps going well for you, and Camp of course.

      Liked by 1 person

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