Reach Your Goal

If Nanowrimo helps with anything, that is putting a schedule, a deadline and a goal you need to reach. It is a way for you to create a daily habit that will (hopefully) carry you through the year, even when the structure of Nanowrimo isn’t there.

And there are a few things you can do, to reach that word count every day, whether it is just a 100 words a day or 1.666 words for Nano.

10 things to reach your wordcount goals~

  1. Reasonable goal:

    It’s easy to get excited, it’s easy to want to pump out 2k or 5k per day but sometimes that is not a realistic goal. You need to know your own limits and choose a goal that best suits you.

  2. Avoid Burnout:

    Try not to write too much each day. I know, it sounds weird. There is no point though burning out on the first couple days of writing and then not being able to write because you just need to recover.
    On the other side, if inspiration hits, milk it for all it’s worth.

  3. Writing Spot:

    Whether you like to write at your desk, on a rocking chair, in bed, or your favourite coffee shop, it doesn’t matter. Find the place you do your best writing and claim it as your own.

  4. Schedule:

    Create a habit. Start writing every day at the same time and your body and your brain is going to go into writing mode. Makes it easy to avoid writer’s block.
    And let’s not forget your brain is a muscle. The more you write, the more words you’ll be able to pump out without your brain turning to mush.
    So, make a schedule and keep to it.

  5. Ban your inner editor:

    You need to write. This is not the time for you to do any kind of editing. Even if you have an outline, you need to write down the first draft so you know the true story yourself, before you can finally start doing any kind of editing.
    So stop stressing over it. You forgot something? Note it down. You want to change something? Note it. This is not the time to make any edits. This is the time to put words to paper.

  6. Find your kind:

    When you do anything in life, it’s wise to surround yourself with people that have the same goals so you. You need other writers around to keep you motivated, to bounce ideas off of. There are a million groups on Facebook, on Tumblr, on anywhere. Connect. If you are doing Camp Nano, join one of the cabins.

  7. Writing buddies:

    I’m very blessed to have Thorn and Gee. We write together, we do word-sprints, we brainstorm, we help each other when we get stuck. We read each other’s first drafts. I know. Horrifying. But it’s nice to have that circle of friends that’s into the same crazy things that you. That understand what you feel when one of your character’s is misbehaving or won’t talk to you.
    My babies are good. They always talk to me.
    *gives Azreth a cookie*
    And yes. I’m picking favourites.

  8. Word Sprints:

    Now that you have your little community, your writing buddies or your cabin, you can force them to do word sprints with you. I mean, you can ask them. Politely. That’s what people do. Nobody threatens anybody here.
    One other thing you can do is to follow the NanowordSprints on Twitter. They are very active especially during the Nano months and they do sprints all day (or so I think).
    Just because writing is something you need to do on your own, it doesn’t mean you need to be alone while doing it.

  9. Rewards:

    It can be chocolate, it can be your favourite show, it can be an hour of your favourite video game. We like our little rewards when we do anything, especially when we work. Set up little rewards for yourself. Or big rewards. Buy something you wanted when you reach a big milestone. You finished Act I? Buy the thing you’ve been eyeing for a while.
    Rewards are nice. They make our hearts flutter.

  10. Apps:

    The web is dark and full of terrors, but every now and then you find some cool stuff, like the WrittenKitten app that rewards you with a cute photo every couple hundred of words.
    Or if you are more hardcore, you can try the Write or Die app. You can either buy it, or just try it. Personally, I don’t much like it because I don’t like the extra fear and stress of my words being deleted, if my brain isn’t coming online. I worked hard for those words, damnit!

Do you have any other suggestions? What other things do you do when you are trying to reach a certain goal?




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