What To Write?

Do you want to write? Maybe you have a character but no story to throw them in? Maybe you just want to write something fun? Start a new story, but you have no story? Well here are some things you can do to get you going.

5 things you can write when you don’t know what to write~

  1. Prompts:

    The internet is full with them and especially if you go to Tumblr, you can find blogs upon blogs dedicated to nothing but prompts. But to make things easy for you, just a little, here is Writer’s Digest List of Creative Writing Prompts and a list of 365 Creative Writing Prompts.
    For this, I have six storytelling dice. They all have different images on them and when you roll them, you can make up your own little prompt with them.

  2. Images:

    Stretch those writing muscles with some description. Find pretty, haunting, or any kind of image online and write about it. Write what you see and what comes in your head.
    Get those writer gears turning.

  3. What if:

    What if you already have a character or two but you have no story to put them in? Play the “what if” game with them. Make up something funny or something that would just never happen. Do you have a fantasy character? What if you put them in little coffee shop in Paris and saw what happened when they showed up?
    You have a contemporary character? What if you threw them in an apocalyptic universe and watched them lose their mind.
    It doesn’t have to be more than a couple hundred words, just a scene of something. That’s all you need really.
    What if.

  4. Fanfiction:

    It is a thing many people do and the internet is full of it. Get your favourite characters from your favourite show/movie/book and start writing about them. You know, for fun.

  5. Pets:

    Okay, now bear with me. This is going to sound weird. Look at your loyal pet. Or disloyal if you have a cat. If you don’t have one, you know someone who does. They have their own personality and their own life. Maybe they are a rescue, maybe you found your cat out on the street, maybe you got your puppy from a breeder.
    Whichever the case, describe their lives as if they were human.
    There is your protagonist, there is your story. Have fun with it.

And that’s the important thing. No matter what you have, maybe a bit of story, maybe a character or two, maybe nothing at all, the important thing is that you have fun and you enjoy what you write about and what you do, no matter how crazy the story or how unbelievable. It is your job after all, to make the most out-thereĀ scenarios seem possible.




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