“Do you want to repeat that to my face, Terron?” Ayla hissed, half raised from her seat.
“If I could bear looking at it, I would.” he answered, raising his voice louder when he spoke this time.

So Camp NaNoWriMo is right around the corner and I am so so so not prepared. Its what, five days before the first. Starting tomorrow at least.
Preparation isn’t a strong suit of mine.
How Harris can manage it I have no clue but she wonders me with it.
I still have almost a week though. I can do some prepping still.
I have my lovely planner and notebooks and I have printable stickers that I could use in them. I should do exactly this.

Because I want to hit my word goal and maybe even beyond. Actually I want to finish up this draft of my book and get to the work on… well editing? Rewriting? What comes next?
I suppose that is a to each their own thing. Some people prefer to let it rest and I may do that. We will see how I feel by the end of it all.
Like me being a teary wreck, because I am a person who cries easily over books and characters.

Even in my role-plays with Harris this is true. I can end up a wreck from it, but don’t worry. Once I cry it out a little I recover pretty well.

Books, writing and role-plays aren’t the only things though. There are other things. Like TV shows.
Like… Game of Thrones.
You probably don’t know I am a GoT fan but I so am and last week… well. I wasn’t in tears but I was worked up over the brilliant episode.
Battle of the Bastards. Bastard Bowl some say. Jon vs. Ramsay.
I’m not that much of a TV watcher. Sometimes though I get wrapped up in shows and I can;t quit. Most of the time I lose interest because I miss too many episodes and before I know it I’m five seasons behind.
Game of Thrones I started late and I ended up addicted enough to blow through four seasons in a couple of months to be ready for the fifth season.
Yes, I was bad and tomorrow night and eager to get to it.
I had a moment today that I thought it was Sunday and was so excited because… Game of Thrones.
So I had the little excitement and then all of it crushed when I realized its only Saturday.
Though today is my blog day, so that was going for me.

Now I’m rattling on off topic.
Back to writing things. I have been writing a little bit. I wrote some the other night that was fairly amusing to Harris. More she seemed to love the little bit I showed her so that is the bit I am showing off now.
Just a little tiny bit with an insult from one King to a Queen. A very unhappy one for that matter.
Just for the record, she isn’t his queen.

I for one, love to right bickering between characters and yes, having them insult each other. Sometimes I’m just tapping along on my keyboard and BAM!…. burn. This is considered a burn, right? I’m calling it so anyways.

I just like to amuse myself and Harris. Especially if any of the characters are her favorites. (which is most of them, not kidding)
Though these two are new and well… they aren’t main characters. I am kinda feeling them out. (No, not in that way, I promise. Keep your minds from the gutter.)

Fellow writers, you understand, write? I mean right. Definitely meant right. Anyways, I am glad Terron is out to anger her, I like when I can get a hold of a character’s personality (however big or small a role they have) and hold onto it and hold onto them.
Some have taken hold so deeply, that may be the reason I feel so deeply for them, When they are in love, in anguish, dead, dying, insulting one another, or just having a plain bad day.
I feel for them…. but…. I suppose that I don’t feel bad enough that I can’t make things worse chapter by chapter. Then maybe throw in a nice thing or two that makes them hold on a little longer.

I’m starting to look forward to putting them through more torment, good oR bad, this Camp NaNoWriMo. So whether you are writing about love, mystery, fantasy, fiction or non-fiction. Or  a mix of the possibilities, just do what you love and try to enjoy Camp.
Try not to stress or struggle, like me, and Happy Writing!

P.S. Look out for some future posts from my co-Wordsmith on Camp Nano Preparations. I’d like to say I had more of a hand in it, but a small job had my hands tied on helping her sort it out. So in these last days before Camp starts, we hope they can help you get yourself ready for a month of Camp, again.

Update: Also, I did change my picture. I felt it clashed a little with my white worded title. Just so anyone who saw a glimpse of the old one won’ be confused.

~ E.C.Thorn


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