On Life And Camp NaNoWriMo

T’is the final countdown, y’all! Less than 10 days until  Camp Nanowrimo is upon us. How are you coping with it? Are you ready? Do you have this? Are you not?

Personally…I’m still struggling.

School’s over (at last). Even if I didn’t give 100%, I’m still really, really lost. I will have it figured out by then, hopefully. I realize this is what I keep saying, but I really am trying. So I’m not dealing so well with life at the moment. It won’t hold me back from the happiness (and stress…but mostly happiness) I get when I write. Especially since, after Nanowrimo, I realised how well I’m actually coping under the word and time limits. This is how I’ll get back on track.

That, and a bucket of coffee a day.

So maybe life is catching up on me after a long while. It’s just my luck, and my timing. But I have the girls on my side, and our writing group to get the gears going. After all, it’s better when you’re all in this together.


~ Gee


3 thoughts on “On Life And Camp NaNoWriMo

    1. Good luck with your plan! I admire you for tackling such a difficult project. Yes, me and the girls have our cabin set already, and are prepping for NaNo. Also, I think having your birthday during Camp sounds like a present from you to yourself, doesn’t it?
      ~ Gee

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