Clockwork Princess: Book review

wp-1463149911075.jpgThe third book in the infernal devices series picks up where the last one left off. The Shadowhunters of the London Institute have to fight Mortmain before his automatons destroy the Institute and the Shadowhunters.
There is only one piece missing from his plan and that is Tessa Gray.
Charlotte Branwell and the rest of their Institute try to protect her and they are desperate to find a solution to their problem before their enemy strikes.

Jem and Will face their most difficult time together when Jem’s condition worsens, even though he’s preparing for his wedding to Tessa. And still Will tries to hide his love for her and he tries to be there for his friend and his parabatai, and to keep his feelings for Tessa secret from him.

Danger and betrayal are tangled up with love and loss as the protagonists of the story fight to win against all odds.
The conclusion of the infernal devices trilogy is as an epic and grand as the previous two books. In clockwork Princess all the little threads come together in an epic showdown of loyalty, love and perseverance.

~ Harris


Cassandra Clare has a way of weaving threads and stories together, of bringing characters to life, and creating worlds and settings that immerse the reader, and this book is no exception.
I always find it difficult to get in the books at the beginning of every Cassandra Clare’s story, no matter how amazing and breathtaking the previous one was. It doesn’t matter if there was a cliffhanger or not, somehow I always end up finding the beginning of the story to be slow but that is nothing that takes away from the story itself or the plot or the characters or anything.

The clockwork Princess is a spectacular end to a spectacular trilogy. The story starts with Tessa’s wedding to Jem, with Cecily in the Institute alongside her brother causing trouble, and Consul Wayland breathing down Charlotte’s neck. Things don’t go as planned for our protagonists and they find themselves with some unlikely allies in the faces of Gideon and Gabriel, and even the warlock Magnus Bane, a personal favourite of mine.

The Magister has created an army of automatons and he’s ready to use them against that Enclave. He’s only missing Tessa and he’s ready to do just about anything to have her.
The book starts with a scene that has Aloysius Starkweather, a man that relished in the glory of slaughtering downworlders and getting spoils from them, and his granddaughter Adele, when she’s about to get her first runes at the age of 10. He was very attached to her and she trusted him with everything. A heartbreaking scene, that shows some more light in the story and what happened in the past. And the most important thing, Tessa’s parentage.
I wasn’t surprised with Tessa’s parentage to be honest, I saw it coming a mile away. I know some people say they were surprised, but it didn’t ruin the story for me any. If anything, I felt relieved and rewarded in a way for being right.

I love how in-depth the characters are, even the ones that are considered side characters. I love how real and alive the world of England in 1878 feels, and even more so I love the world of the Shadowhunters with their traditions and their customs. It all feels real to me and I can appreciate that in a fantasy setting, especially since Fantasy is what I want to write myself.

Though I didn’t understand why the Consul suddenly turned on Charlotte even though he was the one who first put her in the position as the head of the London Institute.
Also, I felt some parts of the story were rushed when it came to the romance. Not the romance between Tessa, Jem and Will, but with some of the other characters. I felt like some things happened and they happened so fast so they serve some of the things that are going on in the mortal instrument series. This is something I didn’t particularly like but that didn’t completely throw me off the story or ruin it for me. It’s just something that I noticed and that I didn’t like. All in all this is a story and a conclusion to a trilogy that’s one of the best I’ve read. Especially the epilogue, which was just heartbreaking and even made me cry and I’m not a person that actually cries when I read stories but that epilogue made me cry.




Now to talk about some things more in detail.
There are some scenes in this book that actually made me laugh, like the worm and the demon pox. Like Cecily’s relationship with her brother and their beautiful banter back and forth.
As I said above, the romances between some of the couples felt a little too fast for me but that’s just me because I don’t like insta-romances and that’s what they felt like for me, even though I loved all the couples.

Tessa Gray

“Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life. You have found two.”

I love Tessa. I love how divided she is, I love how much she’s trying to do the right thing I love how she has found this family in the London Institute and these people who now she can call her own. I love how she’s trying to stand with Jem, even though I believe she is deeply in love with Will. My favorite part of her in this book, is actually at the end when she has spent a whole trilogy being saved by other people but when it matters the most she’s the one who actually does the saving. She is the one who turns into an angel, she is the one who defeats the automatons and she is that one who defeats the Magister.
I was so happy for her when she could finally admit that she loved Will, and when they were still in the Magister’s cell and they were intimate together that felt more true than any of the kisses she had with Jem for me. I know she loves them both and I know that she cannot really choose between one and the other, but for me Tessa should always be with Will. She belongs with him, she’s meant to be with him, they are just perfect together.
Team Will for the win.

William Herondale

“I am not a certified idiot—”
“Lack of certification hardly proves intelligence,” Will muttered.

Will wants to do right by his friend and he wants to do right by Tessa and he really tries hard throughout the story to make it fair for them because he doesn’t want to get in their way. He wants them both to be happy and he wants Jem to have this little gem, this little shard of happiness in her.
When their bond is severed and he feels the anguish and the pain and he feels like he lost some part of himself, I was very emotional. I didn’t cry but I was close to because Will is one of my favourite characters and to see him so broken pulled at my heart, I won’t lie.
But I was glad but in the end he is the one gets the girl because I feel like he deserves her more. Not in the sense that I don’t feel like Jem deserves her. Jem is precious and he should be protected at all times, but if I had to choose between Jem and Tessa and Will and Tessa, the choice would be obvious for me.

James Carstairs

For five years it had been his absolute truth. Jem and Will. Will and Jem. Will Herondale lives, therefore Jem Carstairs lives also.

His relationship with his parabatai intensifies and the reader can really see their bond and how much Will is sacrificing over him. And how much Jem is sacrificing for Tessa and this little piece of happiness that he can have through her. She believes that he would rather live for a couple of months or years but live fully, then be reduced to staying in bed and being taken care of the whole time and treated like he’s going to break. He would rather have a couple of months that he can live to the fullest with Tessa.
When he throws his medicine/drug to the fire and Will puts his hands in the flames to get it for him, it was one of the most heart-wrenching moments in the whole series.
No I didn’t believe he died. Especially when Brother Zachariah showed up. I knew he was Jem from the very beginning. I know some people were surprised that he didn’t die but the evidence for me was clear. Everyone kept going on and on how being a Brother would cut his bonds, even the parabatai bond, and then he wanted to be alone with the Silent Brother?
Too obvious for me.

Magnus Bane

“A very magnanimous statement, Gideon,” said Magnus.
“I’m Gabriel.”
Magnus waved a hand. “All Lightwoods look the same to me.”

What can I say about him that hasn’t already been said? Everything about him is awesome. I just love him to death and I hope there was more of him in the series and hope there’s more of him in the mortal instruments and I hope there is more of him in Lady midnight. I just want there to be more of Magnus Bane. That is all I need.
I can’t even find anything more to say about him because everything he does in the series is awesome. He helps Will, he helps the Enclave, he helps Henry with the Portal. He just helps them with everything.

Rest of the cast

I didn’t care about Jessamine. I understood where she was coming from but she annoyed the hell out of me when she betrayed them all again and again. To be honest, I was glad when she was finally dead.
Throughout the story, I got this feeling that Henry was going to die. He was crippled, not dead, so I’m somewhat happy because he needs to keep making things and he now at least has a good excuse for staying in his laboratory the whole time.
I love that Charlotte was finally recognised for the leader she is, that she got the respect she deserves and she was craving for, that she got her husband with her fully, even if he’s a little up in the clouds half the time.
I love the Lightwood boys and how much the grew throughout the story, how much Gabriel got to understand Will and how close he got with Cecily. Though I love Gideon and Sophie much more as a couple. When she finally became a Shadowhunter, like she always wanted to be, I could think of no one else more deserving.


“I don’t know how to live in the world as a Shadowhunter without Will. I don’t think i even want to. I am still a parabatai, but my other half is gone.”

I didn’t need to know how Will ends. I was happy knowing that he married Tessa and I was happy knowing that they had a bunch of children. I didn’t need to know that he died. I know he died, of course he did, he was only human after all even though he had some angel blood in him. But I didn’t need the scene where he’s laying in bed dying, Tessa is there, Jem has to come as a Silent Brother for Will to be able to pass away in peace.
My heart just couldn’t take the pain and the emotions and that’s the moment that I actually cried.

At least, there was some small consolation in the fact that years later there was a cure for Jem, even though that wasn’t explained at all. At least he could finally be with Tessa and somehow I was fine with older Tessa being with Jem after she had a lifetime with Will.



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