I think I can already tell that this weeks update is going to be a little short. Mostly because I don’t have too much to say about it.

Last time I did mention I had friends visiting, right? Friends visiting, swimming was mentioned and so on.
Well they had an extended stay up until… Friday. Originally they were staying until Tuesday.
Since this has filled up my week, it’s only right to give a little insight on it but I’ll spare everyone some of the dramatic details of my personal life that are far too complicated and stressful for even Harris to handle.

With these friends came along some long built up tensions, which more of less came to a head.
More actually. So this came along and put a huge damper in my time and my mood.
Which means it put a huge damper in me making any sort of headway writing wise.
As I said, it’s a complicated situation and I could spend days trying to explain it, which I won’t.

Who wants to hear all about my messes anyways?
So end story, they came, it was fine for a couple days, then there was drama.
Drama which I have lived peacefully without up until this visit and THOUGHT I was well rid of… for good.
Me – Fooled again!
Drama = me stressing = Harris getting seriously angry at the ones who stressed me out.
All I can say now is I am glad its over and for the time being I won’t have to deal with this drama.
Thank the gods. Yes, I say Gods in reference to my Gods. Silly? Maybe.
It just kinda stuck, and I think Harris sorta started it. I can’t be sure, we have been doing it awhile.

So moving on, with the exit of my friends, comes visits from relatives that… I don’t even really know. My great aunt and uncle (my grandmother’s brother and his wife.)
Apparently I met then when I was young and I am not a person who has perfect memory of people. (except my characters… huh, weird, right?)
So they visited for a couple hours and me being the unsocial person I am, lurked and started laundry.
Cause cleaning helps my nerves.
Yes, I know weird. I may be a little weird if you hadn’t noticed by now. I think to make it in this world, you have to be a little weird. Or a lot of weird.

This week started off stressful, then bordered into weird and then OH MY GODS, CANDLES.

So I like candles, if you had noticed. My mother’s friend, who we do allot of odd tasks for, has given us a candle each.
Bath and Body Works candles and I love their candles oh so much. Only my wallet, doesn’t.
Thank the gods again, her friend is something of a hoarder of them and every once in awhile she supplies  me with my favorite, Farmstand Apple. It is the best, I swear. I just take a sniff and it’s close to heavenly.
I’m not even joking, right now I have it sitting in front of me with the lid off so I can smell it. It doesn’t even have to be lit. I just breathe it in.

My mother, not understanding loyalty, gets a different scent almost every time. Which is nice to have some variance but if I don’t already have an apple, that’s what I’m asking for. Which I didn’t have to, because my mom’s friend ordered twenty of each of theses.(I told you, hoarder.)
I used the very end of my last one just today and it will last me a good while. These are really the best candles our there, worth the money if you have it and if you are thinking of trying them out, go for the apple. You will NOT regret it.

Huh, this post ended up a little longer than expected and actually… it’s late almost half an hour. My fault of course, because I was trying to login  and freaked out because it wasn’t working. I thought maybe the password was changed and no one told me but NO.

Instead, a good half hour I was puzzling over this because I was trying to sign in on WordPress.org. Not WordPress.com.
I didn’t realize because they have the same symbol and I suspect they are related. Also I hadn’t quite finished the post so I had to do that.
So, that my stupid moment for the day, so so sorry, Harris!
This concludes this week’s update and none of it is writing related. This is pretty shameful I know but I’m working on it. I hope everyone’s past week turned out good, and this coming up week, works out even better for all of you. Thanks for following!

~ Thorn



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