Coffees, Journals and Coloring Books


Today has been a surprisingly productive day. Okay, well, not so surprising. I ran out of coffee, therefore I had to restock. I cannot possibly live without coffee or chocolate, they must always be at an arm’s reach, otherwise I shut down. I went to this nice little coffee shop close to my place that has everything I could possibly want from coffee, chocolate, tea, sweets, and so on.

But I might have gotten…a little overboard with shopping.

For one, I did get coffee. Three different kinds of coffee. Two flavors for filtered coffee, and one for instant. Just to be sure, y’know *snort*

Then, I went book hunting (whaaat, it was close by), but didn’t actually find anything that excited me, so I started searching for other little things. In the end, I got three colouring books, because I’ve been meaning to get my hands on one in a while. Plus those coloring pencils, because they have the same patterns on them as the books.


Only ironic thing, in my opinion, is that those coloring books are supposed to be stress relievers, but I can see myself stressing more because I want to do it correctly. Oh well, I already started on one, too late to go back now.

Lastly, I went on another shop to check on this camera I really want to get (eventually), and ended up roaming the stationery area too. Usually I feel bad about getting fancy notebooks, since I never stick with something and I would have nothing to fill them with, but those ones…they were just so nice. And cheap too! I couldn’t resist for long.

Perhaps I will put them into use when NaNo comes around?

Who knows.

~ Gee


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