So from the title you might have some clue what this post is about. Since my last post things have been slow… but they have been moving. I managed to write a little here and there. Not much, not much at all honestly.
But a few hundred words is better than none. I think it’s safe to say that I have little to no self discipline about things. Like writing.
It’s not that I can’t write or don’t want to, it’s just that my days end up filled with other things and by the time I get to write I just have no motivation. Some of these things include gardening. It’s more of a recent… hobby of mine.
One that I have neglected for the last week or so. My plants were dying for some attention. Not literally. They are doing quite well actually.
I have this brick flower bed at the front/side of my house and there I have onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, roses and other little things I’m trying to start.
This is pretty much my second go at this. Here where I live, the weather doesn’t allow for growing things once it gets chilly or if it’s pouring rain. So I started off in March, and my roses from last year survived. My red ones thrived while the white…  well they are alive.
I still have more work to do, replanting my tomatoes – they are easily out growing their pots. That has to be a sign I’m doing all right, right?
Onto other things, I have friends of mine in town. Since last night actually, they got in late and I waited up because I knew they would stop by. One in the morning or not, it’s more of a ritual by now. I didn’t so much get up in the morning but when I did get up finally, I had messages about being invited to a cookout and well… I wasn’t saying no.
The ‘cookout’ was more of a small gathering in which we left before I ate but hey, they bought me lunch before I got back home.
Up until Tuesday I’m expecting them to try and occupy my time, and… swimming was mentioned. It’s appealing because lately its just been too damn hot. Summer is really starting to hit and if today was any sign of the rest of the summer, I’m dreading outside life.
Which I do most days, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a recluse and…. I’m starting to realize I like it that way. Most days.
So I have friends in town till Tuesday… currently. This I’ll try not to let get in the way of some more writing and world building and plotting. All of which I need to get done. Like getting up in the morning. Really, I’ll have my coffee, my cats and Harris. Only my phone acts so weird and my alarms end up off.
Would it be too out there to think I turn them off in my sleep? Or just sleep right through it all?
I’m not sure but I am going to fix it. I’ll fix it I swear, Harris!
Writing…. writing has been pretty pitiful I’ll admit it but I’m doing it. So that’s better than nothing right now. Actually after this post I should do some. I’m not tired. (Surprise, surprise. That’s what happens when you get up after noon.)
Self-discipline is really needed. Or maybe I need to sleep without my phone in arms reach.
But I did mention that I wrote some, didn’t I? I’m thinking so.
The only think I need to do is keep it up. Write more… and write more. Camp NaNo is coming up again and I may be following a certain someone’s lead in it. The point is to participate, to set up a writing habit and… well why not?
Will it kill me? Maybe if I don;t forget to set my word-count right, it won’t.
Cause yes I was supposed to be going for 30k in April but never changed it…. After Camp I had more of a crash and a burnout but this coming month Ill try a more relaxed route. Also I’ll set my word-count right before its too late.
So this is pretty much my blog update at this time and with a little under an hour to midnight, I should be catching Harris waking up and get some writing in before bed. Which would be nice.
Side note: It really sucks to have your best friend and writing buddy eight hours ahead of you. Just saying, it’s rough and the reason for most of my late nights. (Not to blame you Harris.)
So, until next time. I hope you enjoy following us, we are glad to have you.
~ Thorn

2 thoughts on “Gardening, Visitors and Writing.

  1. I’ve always wanted to garden but never have. I would have no idea what I’m doing, even though it’s pretty simple enough.
    Either way, good luck with your writing. I understand the time differences. Most of my friends on WordPress are a few hours ahead or behind me as well.


    1. I didn’t have much clue when I started either. It’s my brother’s fault I started because he had the idea to grow vegetables and got bored with it. I spent a summer taking care of his plants and it stuck with me. Lol
      It sucks, cause most of the time it’s bedtime for me when she’s waking up.
      Thanks though, and good luck on yours as well!

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