Life After Camp NaNo pt. 4

Life after Camp NaNo Pt 4

Procrastination at its finest. That’s exactly what’s at work here. Right now even. Instead of writing, i am blogging, but of course I have to blog.
I can’t have everyone wondering what has happened to me (If anyone does)

Most of its
‘Oh let me do this one thing first, it will only take a few minutes’
*a couple hours later I remember I was supposed to write*

I swear I want to write. Sometimes I really get excited about sitting down to do it. Then I’m needed for something.
The thing is no-one I live with is really going to get it if I say I want to sit down uninterrupted for an hour and write.

Or at least how its more important than whatever chore they want me for. I know I said in my last post that I would get on my writing this month.
Well, they had other ideas, but I’m not giving up on that yet, in fact after this I’m hoping to get in a good word-count and surprise my friends. She has been poking at me and sent me lovely gifts.

She is itching for me to finish my book as she loves the story and the characters and everything. She loves them so much she is working on little POP doll of my protagonist.
Rayne – Queen of Dragons. My dragons. Well hers seeing as she rules them. Or will.. maybe.
Correction – Princess of Dragons
My favorite character… maybe. Its really hard to pick favorites with your children.

Its only that I’m at a disaster in my story and its one of the bigger ones. It involves characters I don’t have so well fleshed out and its a pesky thing.
A number of new characters and conflict… conflict galore.
Which is exciting but I struggle to write bantering between characters. I feel like its a mess, while Harris disagrees.

Again I’m reminding myself that this IS first draft. Nothing has to be fancy. You have to put the noodles in the pot for them to cook.

Which is the weirdest saying, perhaps because I just came up with it… yeah. Cause I’m weird like that. Or it’s my two cups of coffee that are fueling my strangeness.
Harris, when you read this…
Tomorrow… sprints. We have to. I am behind and dying. Sometime tomorrow. Please , please, please. We have to do something… aside from rp and make me be productive.
Though… Devlin. Yes that’s my best excuse.

By the way, there is this months question of Camp NaNo July… maybe that’s exactly what I need to so. If I can finish this draft this month, that would be awesome. (Unlikely but awesome)

I have this month and decide to prepare. Do you think I should? Prep and hope the upcoming camp straightens me out to finish?
The more I think about the the more I’m leaning towards it. Participating might be the best idea.

I’ll let you all in on the decision when it’s made, I promise. Let’s see how this week holds up and if I can get back on my writing track. Maybe if I start a few days before I can get into the flow.

Aside from my struggles with procrastination, things are all right. It hasn’t been too crazy so far this month, just some annoying issues I have to deal with. Things I really won’t get into.
So this means I have nothing more to go on about. Only I need to ask? How are things for you? Good, bad? Has the procrastination bug taken hold of anyone else?

(By the way, the image is a picture of Rayne made my Harris herself. one of my favorites)

~ Thorn


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