Life After NaNo pt 3

May is nearly over. Somehow it’s like the month has slid past as slow as a snail. Also very much likes it’s flown by far too fast for me to keep track of.
At the time of my last post I was having a hard time with… well life.
Since then things have improved, still nothing written. Things have been less stressful but still busy. We are trying get rid of old junk as I mentioned last time and we are waiting for some repairs to be done.
I know I’m not the only one with a busy life, as Harris as her exams and Gee … also has exams. I don’t have any of those but instead this seems to be the year for house projects all around.
Really, is there anything that DOESN’T need fixing? I’m starting to wonder.
Now you might know from Harris, that she has been extra sneaky and send me a package. A small one, but wonderful. Some BEAUTIFUL notebooks to use with my writing and blogging. (She’s hinting there you see.)
You can see them above I’m sure and I should tell you, I have this terrible weakness for notebooks. Also most other office supplies. Pens, markers, stickers. I feel like the dragon of office supplies most days.
I may also have a slight obsession with roses. (my characters and the flowers, just to clarify.)
Also for coffee… and cats….
*clears throat*
Lets try to get back on track here. (Was there even a track?)
Come this June, I am going to try and get back on writing track. Somehow. One way. Maybe even bribery. I need to finish this first draft of my book just to have it done. Harris likes to push me to get things done, which its nice to have someone encouraging me.
(Yes cause her withholding some spectacular gift as a way of bribery is her way of encouragement.)
I could argue with her about buying me things but what can’t I say? She does as she pleases and I have some trouble stopping her from thousands of miles away.
The end point is here, I need to finish my first draft and she has it in her head to hold this hidden mystery thing (things?) over my head until its done and taunt me with them all the while..
I should get to it right? I hate to have her bribery work in a way but… it’s a gift. Who doesn’t like gifts. I just hope she hasn’t gone too over the top for a pitiful first draft.
So I realize the second Camp NaNo is soming up in July. Should I dare? Perhaps not. I may finish this draft before it happens, wouldn’t that be perfect?

Now I have rattled on enough. This post is mainly the resulf of some strange energy burst and it might just be fading now. Being past midnight, (for me) you can only guess why. I apologize for going on and on but I couldn’t help myself.
How are things going near the end of the this month? I wish high word-counts to everyone and hope you arent victim to any writer’s block. Or even worse, procrastination.
Thanks for following us WordSmiths here.
~ Thorn

One thought on “Life After NaNo pt. 3

  1. May was a long month, but now that it’s coming to a close, I’m wondering where the time went. Because I didn’t get too much done, either.


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