Hello everyone.

I’m behind, plenty behind on…. well everything. This sucks, it’s sucking so much that it’s nearly depressing and I wish I could somehow get something done, without five other things popping up for me to do.

The after Nano slump continues. (Writing wise) Instead, I am slammed with cleaning out the attic, house repairs, babysitting and a million other things.
I know Nano is supposed to help you get into the habit of writing daily. I know a good bit is my own fault, my own procrastinating.
Which takes form in Game of Thrones, role-playing, and me just failing to get up early and get myself together.

It’s the other things that get in my way too, because there have been times when I’ve had the chance. I’ve sat down, coffee ready and everything settled to write.
Then something needs to be done. Whether its some laundry or a trip to the store or just a current…. project we are dealing with in my house.
We have A LOT of junk. In the house, in the attic, outside the house and it’s our goal this year to get rid of all (some) of it.
Currently though, we are going through books and we have old sets of classic books.
Which I cannot bear to get rid of. (or any book for this matter)
So today, I get to go through them, debate and the outcome is likely going to be me keeping them all.
Surprise, surprise.

I wish I had more to discuss writing wise. I wish I even had a little quote for you but I haven’t written any lately to give you one.
I’m even behind on blogging. Today I managed to squeeze this in even if I’m supposed to be sorting out books… yeah. Maybe they won’t notice me missing for a few more minutes.

This month isn’t looking good so far but I think I am going to give myself till the end of this month to get things together and set myself up to write everyday. At least a thousand words. I can do that. Any one can do that, yet I HAVEN’T.
Somehow, for some reason things just haven’t worked out and all I have motivation for is crawling back into bed and all but hibernating.

Is anyone else having issues? I’m somewhere in between a slump and procrastination phase and it’s not pleasant. I’ve got a book to finish and I’m starting to miss my characters.
I like to think that I’m not the only one suffering from this madness (or some kinda of non-writing madness in general). Or maybe I am just so so terrible about getting my … stuff together.

Hopefully the next time I’ll have better news in my post, and less madness, more words and all things nice. Also, hopefully thinks are going good for all of you.

Good luck with writing life after NaNo.

~ E.C.Thorn


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