Life after Camp NaNoWriMo

So it’s been a  week since I last posted and Camp has ended and I don’t know about anyone else, but I kinda feel like I am in a writing slump. I fear its mostly because I am at the midpoint of the book on this draft and I am kinda dreading this scene.
I have been meaning to work on my plot some but in true procrastinator fashion I have somehow… avoided it.

I’d like to use being busy as my main issue but it’s been a week. For some days maybe, but this whole week?

I’m not sure of my word count since then, but I know it’s over a couple thousand. Should be more honestly but at least there is something. This coming week I am hoping to get past this scene that is irking me.
There is nothing bad with it, just trouble for my protagonist and the start of a big big mess for her.
Sometimes I feel bad putting them in bad spots, don’t you?

Sometimes though. Other times I cant help but feel like I need to laugh evilly while I type. Which is best I don’t, I sound weird doing that. (and yes this means I’ve done it, we all have and you know it.)

Hopefully by next week, I’ll be past this scene and have worked out my plot. I’ll have more than a  couple thousand words (I think?) and be able to share that progress.

Actually after I am done with this and a few other things, I am going to write. Maybe even start the scene that is bothering me.

Is anyone else still trying to finish up their project after Camp and/or editing? How is that working out?

Or is procrastinating and life tasks winning on this?

~ Thorn



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