“Fine. I’ll swear. I won’t break or bruise anything INTENTIONALLY.” she promised and he waited a few moments, like he was considering it, just to irk her. “Fine. Acceptable.” he agreed and turned away.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016: Days 26 – 29

Total Word-Count: 32189

Word-Count since my last post: 6678

So Camp NaNo is winding down to an end, and I think I am about ready for it to.
Its been a slow 4 days, especially today and I am just feeling so out of it. Like I’m in some sorta of slump where writing isn’t my interest. I have been itching to mess around with my plots and characters, seeing as I’ve decided on a few changes here and there.

Camp Nano hasn’t gone all smooth as I would have liked but I am pretty pleased about what I did manage (writing wise) in this busy month. I’m not even near finishing my project though and hopefully I can keep up with the writing once I tweak at my plot.

It was fun and satisfying though, to do this, especially with Harris. It helped to have some support, even if it was in the form her of her demanding more. All in a  nice way of course. This month has been some work for her as well, writing related and non-writing related.

After this month though, I’ve been thinking maybe the word-count goals isn’t a thing for me, as Harris pointed out, I maybe a do-it-by-scene kinda girl. I can’t say I disagree. Is their anyone else who finds word-count goals not their things? I think I might like it better to try and do a scene or even two a day rather than that and see where I end up.
As long as I get there, what does it matter how?

Everyone has their own ways about doing these thing after all, or course I don’t mind doing NaNo and you may see me at it again in July and quite possibly November. It just depends on what status my current project is at and if I want to work on other smaller ones when its done.

Anyways, congrats to all the winner’s of Camp NaNoWriMo, which I’m sure is alot of you. It was alot of fun doing Camp this year and trying out blogging for the first time. I can’t say it was easier but I feel like I’m handling it better. I can only improve, after all. (Or so I’m hoping.)



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