“I would want you as a father.” she said and gave him a smile.
“Some days I really do.” she said softly.
He smiled but something about it was a little off. A little sad. She was too tired to question it though, or to catch his quiet answer.
She felt his lips on her forehead for a moment before sleep won her over.

Total Word-Count: 15902

Today’s Word Count: 3132

So it’s been a long week, or almost. More accurately its been about six days, so I’m behind on this.
(Not that any of this is in order at this point anyways, but we try.)

I have decided April is cursed for me. Every time I think I’m doing well, something happens. A project comes up. Like right now I am helping a family friend lay down laminate flooring in parts of her house.
It’s not as easy as it looks, hardly.

Mixed in with this fantastic project, I’ve had no internet at her house and I’m babysitting for another friend. Yesterday I managed to rewrite a scene I was unhappy with and now I am.

Have any of you ever written some scenes that just didn’t work for you? I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. Some editing and I can deal with and ignore but if the whole scene bugs me, I have to fix it before I go ahead.
I have at least one more scene to rewrite before I can go ahead with the next, which Harris is eager for I know, as she helped me with some plotting late last night. Which is always great.

What I would do without the other half of my brain, I wouldn’t know. Then again, she is halfway around the world as it is.

So my plans for today are to put in a couple more scenes to catch up. Which maybe I can do after a shower.  If that doesn’t do it for getting me to work, I’ll get the coffee brewing.

I have all this peace and quiet after all. Gods know I wont have it for long. Why waste it? I have flooring to finish, plants to tend to, chores to finish, more babysitting at the end of the week and words to write.
Lots and lots of words.

Also, kittens. Who doesn’t enjoy a picture of cute critters like these? I just felt like spreading the cuteness for whoever might need a little boost.

~ Thorn



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