Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016: Days 9-12

“What was that about?” Vergil asked and she gave him a confused look.
“What was what about?” she asked.
“That smiling.” he said, an amused look on his face now.
“I was not smiling.” she insisted and looked away from him, shifting on her feet.

Total Word-Count : 11704

Today’s Word-Count : 3704

So it’s time for another update. Things are kinda up and down still. Like a roller-coaster.
Slow, or un-moving word-counts on some days and then I managed to spike it up.

Like today. 3704. I am starting to get rather pleased with myself and my total word-count has made it over eleven-thousand. I might still be behind but I’m still moving.

Which is totally great. Sure it would be nice to do a steady amount each day. Actually it would be nice to make a word-count EVERYDAY. Yesterday I managed to get over one-thousand before I went to bed and I would love to have that at least tomorrow.
Over two would be nice, but I won’t push my luck.

Especially since tomorrow is our monthly grocery trip and I am… overjoyed. Not.
It’s not to bad, really, but sometimes you just want to stay home with some coffee and your cats and sprint with your friend.
Maybe…. maybe I can be up early and have some sprints before I must go shopping. However, I have a terrible reputation of sleeping in.
Just ask  Harris, she knows.
How is Camp NaNo going for you all so far? For me, clearly it’s s a bit rough going this month. I hope it’s not the same for everyone else.

~ Thorn



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