Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016: Days 5-8

Her father stormed out the door and as  she moved to follow him the door snapped shut in her face.
“Not you, Rayne.” Delvin said, and she looked at him.
“I am not done with you yet. Sit.”
Total Word-count: 6873

Today’s Word-count: 3261

So time for another update, late as it may be. Life is to blame for that, and well, maybe myself.
Lately its hard to get things done, writing wise at least. Between cleaning out the attic, rearranging my bedroom, babysitting.
Busy, busy, busy? Did I also mention that my friends cat had kitten yesterday? I could have died from and adorableness overload. Three little babies made me miss my kitten days.
I have five grown babies of my own though and I think that number shouldn’t do anymore growing. Or even shrinking.

Onto other important things though. its been a busy few days. I’m guilty of not writing a single word the last few days and I hope to catch up this weekend.
I was stuck with some chores on the first part of my day, but I made some progress when I finally started.
I’m over SIX THOUSAND words now, which feels very good to me. I am shocked with myself really. I have NEVER written so much in one day. For me this is pretty fantastic.
I almost doubled my current word-count in one night.

Hopefully I can make more progress tomorrow and get my updates up more regularly. It’s a little hard to get used to doing this. Hopefully you can can bear with us all trying this new thing.
So if you would like to stick around and watch us fumble with this until we get the hand of it.
We would love to have the support.
Though I admit I have the easier task, I can’t even imagine doing vlogs like Harris is working on.
I think she is doing very well anyways, don’t you?

~ Thorn


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