Lady Midnight: Book Review


“We can be cruelest to those who remind us of ourselves.”

Because of all the ARC’s that got released before the book’s release date, it was hard to avoid spoilers. Thankfully, the people on Instagram knew of this, and made sure to put up the practical, non-spoilery reviews first, and all the tasteful, spoilery bits later. Which is what I’m also going to do here. ~ Gee




She took a deep breath. “You’re too skinny,” she said, as brightly as she could. “Too much coffee, not enough pancakes.”

“I hope they put that on my tombstone.”

Before reading the book, I kept seeing the same thing on every other review. “Cassie has outdone herself,” they all said. Someone even went as far as to say it’s on the same level as The Infernal Devices series. I thought, I’ll have to decide that for myself. Clockwork Princess is hard to top, after all.

Conclusion: Cassie has, indeed, outdone herself.

To start with, it certainly comes close to the amount of feels, action, plot twists and drama. We get a glimpse of some of the book’s main characters at the end of The Mortal Instruments, in City of Heavenly Fire. Perhaps that’s what helped the plot set off right away, instead of a really slow build-up. Not that there wasn’t a smooth build-up, but we did know some facts about the characters beforehand. Some we meet throughout this book. Either way, we have yet to see each person’s full potential, but we get a pretty good idea of what is yet to come.

Like all her books, it had me at the edge of my seat. Just when I thought things were starting to slow down, and I was thinking it would be a good enough bit to put the book away and pick it back up later, Cassie threw a plot twist my way that almost had me screaming my head off, bawling, fainting, or all of the above. I slipped into this world I love so much almost effortlessly. Heart wrenching, witty, beautifully written. More than once, it had me laughing out loud on scenes I absolutely shouldn’t be laughing, at the most serious situations.

In just one book, I fell in love unconditionally with all the characters, all their traits and flaws, even the ones that betrayed me in the end (*coughs quietly*). Each one was so beautifully diverse, in just the right way, and together they all fit as a whole like the pieces of a puzzle. All the Blackthorn siblings, and then from Emma, to Cristina, to Perfect Diego (you’ll understand soon), to Kieran…Gosh, I felt for them, for each one’s burdens and problems, as if they were my own.

Not to mention, each plot twist was so nicely put, so cleverly hidden in plain sight, it will have you smacking your head and going “Of course!” every time new details get revealed. After you have finished screaming and have picked yourself up from your fetal position on the floor, that is.

Plus, the cliffhanger at the end (of course there is a cliffhanger, because all the torment you have just been put through was not enough) succeeded in making me gasping for more. So, anyone that has yet to read it: It’s not going to be what you think. Better have high expectations, because Lady Midnight is going to reach, if not top them.

Have fun (*laughs*) reading it, and good luck.




*Takes deep breath*

*Screams for 3 hours straight*

That was pretty much my reaction on the last few pages of the book. Not even at the end of the book.

Right. Let’s start off with Julian. Beautiful, beautiful Julian whose childhood ended too soon, whose childhood was taken away so the rest of his family could have theirs. Who, in his own eyes, sees himself as a liar and a killer. I can’t do it, he said. I can’t raise four children. But he did, and he did it brilliantly. I feel for him, the immense weight of responsibility on his shoulders, the darkness around his otherwise beautiful façade that will, eventually, catch up with him. No matter how much pressure he can hold off, he is going to snap, and it’s going to be bad.

The façade he showed them, his children, had to be perfect: a crack in him would be like a crack in the world to them.

“You know I love you,” he said, instead, and Ty looked up at him, startled, meeting his gaze for a flicker of a moment.


Ty, brilliant Ty-Ty with his brilliant mind and brilliant personality. I love how Cassandra wrote him. She didn’t flat-out say it, but everybody caught up. Ty is autistic. He ‘sees the same world we do, but differently, shaken up’. He doesn’t want to be ‘that kind of Shadowhunter,’ who kills everything without thinking and goes by silly rules. Everybody, me included, worries of what he will become if the Clave finds out about him. He is an underdog, a stain in their canvas, and will be ‘swiped under the rug’ if they knew of his difference in nature, in habit, in thinking. Basically: Protect Tiberius Blackthorn at all costs. I also shamelessly ship him with Kit, and Kitty is hands down the best ship name ever.

Emma and Cristina reminded me so strongly of Clary and Izzy, how they turned out to be best friends in the end, except these two became besties right away. I have a really soft spot for Cristina, even though she would probably cut my arm clean off with her butterfly knife, blindfolded, and upside down. I want to see more of Perfect Diego making amends, especially if it involves him getting shirtless.And gosh, Emma, Emma is everything I ever wanted and so much more. Like Jace, but female, and a Carstairs. I felt her pain when she found out about her parents, I know there is going to be hell to pay. I love both my badass girls very dearly.

Mark and Kieran *takes another deep breath* , *flails arms*

I’m going down with this ship, and nothing can stop me. Even though it seemed more of a need relationship than a love one, I have hopes things will get cleared out in the future. They have every potential to be. They will meet up again, after all. They can’t stay apart for too long. Having been there for each other when the rest of the world was against them, hated and despised them, shaped them together in a way it will take a lot more than that to break.

“The stars will go out before I forget you, Mark Blackthorn.”

The Blackthorn kids. So tiny but so full of sass already. Baby angel Tavvy, my heart couldn’t take it when he got kidnapped. PROTECT THEM ALL AT ALL COSTS.

Lastly, Malcolm…I still have mixed feelings about that. He was a tragic one, a painful one, so chances are he is going to be my new favorite villain soon. He sure made a nice setting for Lord of Shadows *wonders if the title has anything to do with him turning back from the dead this time*

“Don’t depend on me too much,” he said, so softly she wondered if he knew she would hear him.

“Why not?” She turned her face up to him in the sunlight, blinking.

“Because I’ll let you down. Everyone does.”

I’m going to…no, I must reread this book.

It’s not a wish, it’s a need.


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